Inheriting the land to take care of it: the gentleness and dedication of the Durán Uribe family

The Durán Uribe family lives in a house built many years ago by Zicifredo Durán’s father, in the Alto de las Flores village, in the upper part of the Perijá mountain range, in a house made of rammed earth.

Zicifredo is a man of young spirit and warm temperament, he speaks of his father with great affection and tells that among several brothers he was the one who decided to inherit the land from his father and to acquire the commitment to take care not only of the farm, but also of all the native forest that surrounds it. He is a powerfully tender man. And with his tenderness he takes care of the agricultural work, the forest and his family.

Francisca Uribe is his wife, a shy, sweet and kind woman. Francisca and Zicifredo speak to each other with a particular warmth, they form a harmonious couple, their speech is always candid and beautiful. Like someone who keeps a forest in his throat.

In their plots of land they grow coffee and have a small home garden. Their eldest son, Jose Trinidad, is a young man deeply knowledgeable about local plants and has the idea of one day becoming a tour guide. His knowledge for his age is astounding. Their youngest daughter, Zhiara, has a feathery presence, soft and gentle like her parents, like their home, like the forest of which they are guardians.

They dream of having a cabin to accommodate visitors and make some arrangements in their kitchen to be able to receive them more comfortably.

Zicifredo and Francisca are an example of strength from tenderness.

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