Quintero Díaz family reserve

Jadier Quintero’s parents migrated from Norte de Santander when he was still a child. Jadier grew up in the Serranía del Perijá, but still retains many customs of his native territory. This family lives in an earthen house, small, beautiful and very sophisticated in its simplicity. The three of them sleep in the same room, they are a very close and united family.

Jadier today is the president of the Junta de Acción Comunal, an innate leader, his attention today is focused on conservation. That is mainly his function within the community, he drives conservation processes and inspires others to apply it in their lands.

When his parents migrated, they bought a good amount of land that today they protect. In the Forest and Peace Tourist Routes, Jadier participates as a guide of his own land. This family dreams of doing tourism in their native forest reserve, they want to fix some trails and have the necessary equipment for guiding. Their reserve reminds us that ecotourism can be a bet for conservation, and that it not only benefits the families that participate in the project, but all the beings that inhabit the forests, from fungi, animals, microorganisms and plants that share the land with the Quintero Díaz family.

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