The house among the clouds: leadership and creativity by Yesenia Hernández

Yesenia is a box full of wonderful surprises. Young, mysterious, artistic, intelligent, for a long time she was a school teacher. Her house is literally a fantasy in the mountains. With its pink façade and gardens of flowers and perfectly trimmed bushes, it looks like a dream among the clouds, a little piece of wonderland. The journey is long, because it is the highest house in the Serranía del Perijá of the families that are part of the Tourist Routes through the Forests and Peace. The climate changes, it is no longer a tropical dry forest. Yesenía lives in a sort of small wooden castle, pink, that she and her husband designed for a long time and then built. Their farm is large and has various crops. Although they live far away, Yesenia is one of the most active participants in this project, she helps with the social networks, attends all the workshops, and brings people together. She is a young leader with a visionary outlook and incredible capabilities. Her house is a reflection of her soul, deeply creative. In her spare time she paints portraits, landscapes and makes pottery. Her husband plays several instruments and together they have built the farm. Yesenia wants to make her magical house a little more suitable to receive visitors. She believes in the community and in the possibility that tourism can be a way of life for her territory.

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