Community Tourism
Donations in Colombia

Collaborative funding for the Forest and Peace Tourism Routes

Community Tourism
Donations in Colombia

Collaborative funding for the Forest and Peace Tourism Routes

Making the Tourist Routes for Forests and Peace

After living through the conflict, these communities are now betting on the Forest and Peace Tourist Routes. Learn more and find out how to support the dreams of these communities.

Get to know some of the stories of the communities...

How will the resources be managed?

There will be an exclusive account for these resources and it will be managed by a committee made up of the Development and Peace Programs of Cesar and Boyacá, the communities and E3: Ecology, Economy and Ethics to guarantee transparency in the use of these resources.

Where will your contribution go?

You will contribute to the purchase of fundamental elements to improve the lodging of tourists and to make their visits more and more pleasant. Mattresses, linens, bed bases, hammocks, towels, awnings, lights, toilets, showers, among other materials and objects will be purchased.

What would you impact by giving?

Farming families

More than 24 families have joined the community tourism value chains.

Natural ecosystems

The two mountain ranges are paradises of biodiversity where unique species of these ecosystems are found.

Climate change mitigation

Acting through community-based tourism, communities achieve actual adaptation and mitigation to climate change.

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Magnificent ecosystems

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We dream of a different kind of tourism. One that is community-based, regenerative and that supports communities that have transitioned from conflict to peace. The Forest and Peace Tourist Routes is a tourism to take care of life. Join us in building the dreams of the communities of the Serranías de las Quinchas and Perijá.

Donaciones en Colombia, ayudar a las comunidades en Colombia. Donations in Colombia, helping communities in Colombia

About this initiative

Tourist Routes for Forests and Peace

The Forest and Peace Tourism Routes project aims to demonstrate the potential of community-based ecotourism in biodiversity hotspots as a means to sustain rural livelihoods, reduce deforestation, avoid greenhouse gas emissions and strengthen peacebuilding in two post-conflict regions: the Serranía de las Quinchas in Boyacá and the Serranía del Perijá in Cesar.